Sugar Cravings BEGONE – Mindful Eating Coaching

When I started the Mindful Eating Program with Christine, I was constantly reaching for sugar during stressful times. She helped me overcome that craving with EFT tapping and I haven’t craved or reached for sugar going on six weeks. She helped me gain my motivation and energy back, all while being a coach that I can look up to. I am constantly met with support and given the confidence/tools necessary to continue loving my body and giving it proper nourishment. My boyfriend has stated that I am happier, my energy has improved and that I don’t crave the sweet sugary foods that I previously “had” to have. I am so grateful for this program and Christine. She is an incredible coach who shows compassion, shares in successes and ultimately wants the best for people. I would highly recommend her Mindful Eating Program to anyone who struggles with feeling the need to always be dieting.